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WorldSkills Asia
WorldSkills Asia is an international nonprofit organization that promotes quality skilled work and vocational education.
The organization raises awareness of the importance of the professional excellence and high-quality vocational education and training at Asian level.
Aims to make the world better with the power of professional excellence and shows the value of skills, increases the recognition of skilled professionals.


WorldSkills Asia Foundation contributes with projects and initiatives that demonstrate the capacity for innovation and collaboration with partners, in order to leverage and build self-sustaining activities.to connecting the Vision 2025 for WSI was unanimously adopted. we are connected with WorldSkills to identify the three broad strategic goals for WorldSkills its work in this Strategic Plan to 2025, specifically to:
  • Provides a unique platform for Asian policy-makers, educators, industry partners and other organizations to get together and exchange thoughts and ideas about innovation, technical and vocational education and training and partnership possibilities.
  • Raise ambition and opportunity in VET in Asia for young people, employers, and societies.
  • Enhance the quality of VET in Asia provision through stronger connections to labor markets, employers, and economies.
  • Help building the organizational capability of Asian Skills and the global competitiveness of its Members through skills.


Asia world skills and its Members share a common set of values which shape and underpin all their work: 
  • Innovation
  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Competiveness
  • Connections
  • Dynamism

Vision and mission:


empowering young minds to lead and change the world for a better tomorrow through the power of skills 


striving to boost the recognition of people with great talents and abilities globally in accomplishing personal success, economic growth and professional progress. 

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