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  • Worldskills Asia is a nonprofit association of member states that promotes excellence in the field of skills and competency development. We raise awareness of the importance of professional excellence and high-quality vocational education and training for Asian youth and economies.Read more..

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WorldSkills Asia Faces this Challenging Times Head on!

With the cancellation of WSA Skills Competition scheduled in November this year, WSA will adopt and introduce the distance-learning program for experts in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Worldskills Russia, Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd and Studica via zoom live starting this 01st July 2020. Today, 15th June, marks the start of the registration for the first-ever “Experts Virtual Training” open and free of cost for all member countries. The skills program offered includes Enterprise Information Systems Security, Graphic Design Technology, IT Network Systems Administration, IT Software Solutions for Business, Web Design and Development and Mechanical Engineering CAD. Each skill will only enlist a maximum of 2 experts and training will run for 1 - 2 hours daily in two weeks-time. In spite of this challenging pandemic situation, WorldSkills Asia seizes this opportunity to pursue with its program for member countries with the aid of the technology. Creating this online training for experts and learners will enable them to create a positive mind-set and readiness for the proposed virtual competition in the near future.

15 June 2020
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T Levels: The Arrival of Vocational Education

“T” (for technical) Levels are new courses – equivalent to 3A Levels, which will be offered progressively in Sixth Forms and Colleges in England starting from September 2020. The UK Government intends that T Levels will become one of the main choice for Students after GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education), alongside apprenticeships, for students who wish to learn a specific occupation ‘on the job’ and ‘A’ levels for students who wish to continue an academic education. 
The T Level courses, each lasting two years have been developed in collaboration with employers and businesses so that the content meets the needs of industry and prepares students for work.
This new qualification complements the current BTEC qualification – offered by a number of UAE schools, which includes Business and Technology subject options but does not incorporate industry placement on a compulsory basis. 
UK curriculum schools in the UAE fully anticipate that this additional pathway for students will become available and have welcomes its introduction.
Commenting on the introduction of “T” Levels, Mr. Simon O’Connor, Principal of KHDA Outstanding-rated GEMS Jumeirah College stated: 
“The new T Level qualification certainly answers the question regarding a powerhouse qualification for less academic routes for our students which has been asked for so long.”

03 February 2020



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