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  • 3D Digital Game Art

    Combining art with technology to create lifelike and imaginative video games.

  • Automobile Technology

    Maintaining light vehicles from various manufacturers, diagnosing complex problems, and solutions while working effectively and efficiently within commercial cost and time constraints.

  • Car Painting

    Restoring a damaged vehicle to its original finish, matching colours, shades, and textures exactly, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

  • Electrical Installations

    Designing and installing electrical systems in all types of commercial, residential, and industrial projects, while carrying out maintenance and repairs safely and quickly.

  • Electronics

    Assembling and wiring products, testing systems, and designing prototype circuits.

  • Fashion Technology

    Working with fabrics to cut and create clothes for clients from the high street to high fashion.

  • Graphic Design Technology

    Creating eye-catching visual displays for the windows and interiors of shops and department stores designed to maximize sales.

  • Health and Social Care

    Improving the quality of life for clients by working closely with the medical profession to provide caring and rehabilitation and promoting physical and psychosocial wellbeing.

  • IT Network Systems Administration

    Providing information technology (IT) services to commercial and public sectors to ensure systems run smoothly and without interruption.

  • IT Software Solutions for Business

    Creating new systems and modifying existing ones to provide software solutions to large and small businesses.

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