Skill Competitions

  • Electronics

    Assembling and wiring products, testing systems, and designing prototype circuits.

  • Industrial Control

    Installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining industrial automated and electrical production systems. Consumer products for mass consumption need both to work well and look good. This is the role of Industrial Design Technology, which also makes sure that a new product is technically feasible to make, meets the need in the marketplace, and can be sold at an acceptable price.

  • Mechanical Engineering Design - CAD

    Using computer software as a tool to create and improve manufacturing projects from ship-building to the aerospace industry.

  • Mobile Robotics

    Mobile Robotics is a trending and fast-evolving field with applications in diverse industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, mining, and medicine.

  • Welding

    Preparing and joining various types of metal, using both electrical and electric/gas processes.

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