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ACTVET Director-General appointed President of WorldSkills Asia

26 August 2018
ABU DHABI, 26th August, 2018 (WAM) — WorldSkills Asia General Assembly has chosen Mubarak Saeed Al Shamsi, Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ACTVET, as the President of the association. Following his appointment, Al Shamsi thanked the wise leadership, hailing their keenness to empower ACTVET, which has led to raising the idea of creating this important association to develop a bright economic and industrial future on the Asian level. He highlighted that the first meeting of the WorldSkills Asia General Assembly took place in August, in which they discussed a range of new steps aimed at reinforcing the role of the association in the development of innovative skills and capacities of the Asian country’s youth in specialisations closely related to the fourth industrial revolution towards achieving the desired development in all Asian countries.
Al Shamsi stressed that choosing the UAE to chair the first gathering of WorldSkills Asia is aimed at benefiting from the country’s historical role in establishing and reinforcing the role of WorldSkills International and organising WorldSkills Asia Abu Dhabi 2018, in addition to the success of ACTVET in raising and implementing its initiative to establish WorldSkills Asia. He added that Abu Dhabi would host the permanent headquarters of the association. Ali Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Head of the UAE Skills in ACTVET, said that the election of the president of WorldSkills Asia took place digitally on the association’s website to ensure transparency and impartial voting, through which the Asian countries’ members of the General Assembly expressed their appreciation for the position of the UAE and ACTVET in the achievement of the association’s goals.
WorldSkills Asia is a nonprofit member association established in 2017, with a secretariat based in Abu Dhabi, capital of UAE. WorldSkills Asia joins member countries from all around Asia and aims at promoting excellence in the field of skills and competencies development for Asia youth. It also raises awareness of the importance of professional excellence and high-quality vocational education and training for Asia youth and economies and works within the four focus areas of Promoting Skills, Education and Training, International Cooperation and Skills Competitions.
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