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WorldSkills Asia Welcomes New Members

18 March 2020
Five additional Asian Countries were added in the list of WorldSkills Asia membership during the last quarter of 2019 and first quarter of 2020 namely : Republic of Maldives Yemen Democratic Republic of Timor Leste Republic of Uzbekistan Republic of Azerbaijan With these additional members, WorldSkills Asia is now comprised of 23 Asian member countries covering 48% of the total Asia Region. The Leaders of WorldSkills Asia Organization are targeting this year to invite more Asian countries to be able to double its membership before the end of this year. Formally organized in October 2017, WorldSkills Asia Organization started with only few Asian country representatives, and membership has grown and tripled its number over the last two years. Mr. Mubarak Al Shamsi, President of WorldSkills Asia Organization, heads the present Board of Directors. Other Board Members include Dr. Ghalip Bin Spahat from Malaysia, Mr San-Quei Lin from Chinese Taipei, and Dr. Byung Ha Kang from South Korea.
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