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Experts Training for Online Friendly Skills Games 2021

03 March 2021
As the current unprecedented situation calls for a creative way of providing continuing training and education to our experts and learners, WORLDSKILLS ASIA did the distance learning program in 2020 for all its member countries and it was a successful program. In 2021 we are extended our online training to cover more skills and prepare for ONLINE FRIENDLY SKILLS GAMES 2021. To understand the overall purpose of the program and to ensure as such is directly aligned with the mission of the organization, the following objectives were established: • To be able to face the emerging global challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and to sustain the educational response in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). • To continuously promote among different institutions and actors in the region the exchange of experiences, ideas, and initiatives related to the implementation of TVET programs in the context of the pandemic. • To prepare and ensure the readiness of the experts in engaging in Distance Skills Games in the upcoming months. • To reflect the Asian efforts, shared knowledge, and constant communication to keep us stay connected with each other. Creating such a program will enable the experts to have access to the training in their respective places. The training of experts and learners is to ensure their readiness in engaging all the Asian teams in the Online Friendly Skills Games 2021. Online Distance Training 2021 must be adopted, and education and training providers need to revise the teaching curriculum and learning models to make the best use of digital resources and tools. Short-term solutions may be possible and WorldSkills Asia seizes this opportunity to create long-term positive impact and develop greater resilience for the best interest of the organization and its member countries.
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